The Rose Show 2019

Friday night I was checking the West Jersey Rose Society Page to see if they had any upcoming events. I discovered that the Rose Show was this past Saturday. It’s a competition that anyone can enter. They have all of these categories under which you can submit a rose. It was pretty extensive. So I went. There were a lot of people there. I was definitely the youngest person in the room. Everyone appears to have entered several roses in the competition. Most people grew roses as a hobby, but I overheard one woman say that she was a florist. Most of the roses were hybrid teas, which I really am not crazy about, but they did have a small section of old garden roses which were mostly David Austin Roses. I did see two roses that I have seen previously on Heirloom Roses and the Antique Rose Emporium. I took pictures, so I would remember to buy them later.

The first is the Impressionist. This rose is sold out a lot on Heirloom Roses, and now I see why!! It’s beautiful.

The next two are The Fairy. I bought my mom 3 of these babies for Mother’s Day. The blooms are tiny. I think they are even tinier than my Cornelia blooms. In the garden, I doubt most people would even realize that this is a rose.

This is the room in which the contest took place. The home of the West Jersey Rose Society is at Medford Leas.

I enjoyed it, and I would definitely go again. They had a table with print outs for rose resources. I took it. I’m compiling research for a future podcast.