Things that go bump in the night

Whenever I tell people that I own a house built in 1840, everyone asks me the same questions.

“Aren’t you afraid that it is haunted?”

“Do you ever hear strange noises in the house?”

No and no.  I’ll be honest, I don’t believe in haunted houses.  As for the strange noises, I only hear them when someone is walking around.  The floor boards creak ridiculously.  If I had teenagers they would never be able to sneak out of the house.  There isn’t a single part of the floor that doesn’t make noise when you walk.

Clearly, from the title of this post, I have heard some strange noises in the house.

It all started the day after Thanksgiving.  I was dead asleep, when I heard some noises over my head.  Something small and light was running overhead.  Then I heard load scraping coming from the roof of the turret in my room.  Bumpersnoot started barking.  Unfortunately, whatever it was didn’t run away when it heard him.  Then I heard what sounded like dragging.  I couldn’t imagine what it was because the turret in my room has no attic over it.  All I could think was, that this was a really loud squirrel.

Once it was daytime, I walked up to the third floor to see if maybe a squirrel got in.  In case you were wondering, Wyldefell Manor is three stories plus an attic.  Anyway, once I got up to the third floor, I saw nothing.  I checked all four rooms.

I remembered that the electrician had told my mom that he thought squirrels had gotten into the third floor, so I called Back to Nature Pest Control.

The next morning at 5 am, it started up again.  This time it was a lot louder.  Same thing happened Sunday morning.  Whatever it was kept up the racket for 2 hours.  At one point, it sounded like there was more than one and that they were fighting.  I was becoming increasing sleep deprived.  I started doing some research, but whatever it was sounded, in my opinion, way too loud to be a squirrel.  After doing some research, I concluded that it must be a raccoon.

The pest control guy came out that Tuesday.  I had called him again on Monday to tell him that I was pretty sure it was a raccoon.  He doubted me (politely) and reassured me that a squirrel was most likely the culprit.

Meanwhile, I decided to sleep in the guest room so that I wouldn’t keep hearing it.

Well, I was right.  He did a thorough inspection on the third floor plus he got up on the roof.  He was scratching his head because the house is surprisingly solid and at first he didn’t see a hole.  He did eventually locate it was he did a closer inspection of what appeared to be a shadow line.  It was a small hole.  He concluded that it was probably a smaller raccoon.  He set a trap.  Two days later, I heard an almighty racket coming from the roof over the breakfast room.  I could hear it screeching.  It kept that up all night.  I did sleep in my room that night, but once again I woke up to the sounds of something in the turret.  This one wasn’t as loud as the one before.

I called the pest control guy and he gave and got it.  I told him that I could still hear the other one.  Today he was out checking the trap.  He asked if I could hear anything.  I told him that I could hear it moving around at 7:30 am.  He said that it isn’t going in the trap or taking the bait.  He said if he didn’t catch it this weekend, then he was going to go up into my attic after it.

God bless him!!!  I should bake him some Christmas cookies.

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