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  1. Sue Murray says:

    Good morning. My early morning coffee came with a video of your garden progress and I thought you might like to know of a crazy place I found for inspired browsing, called Jantiques. It’s in Bridgeton on Rt. 77 and there are fun things that are certainly not my taste but if I was able to create wonderful fencing with a great gateway, this would be the place. I too deal with intrusive ignorance when people use my shared driveway to cut through from one street to another. Unfortunately there’s nothing I can actually do because the driveway is shared with an antique shop and the legacy ownership of my neighbor forbids any gateways.

    In any case if you haven’t heard of it already I thought I’d steer you that way for a fun road trip. If you decide on the drive, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays would allow a short additional ride to a terrific Amish Market on Rt. 49. That definitely rounds out a fun adventure and can make the journey worthwhile.

    Enjoy if you go. What else can we do? 🙃


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    1. Thank you so much for this comment. I will definitely check this out!


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