The first plantings of 2020

Princess Alexandra of Kent (I later learned it was Jubilee Celebration) Krinkle Kut White Peony Caroline Constable ITOH peony Royal Star Magnolia

TBT: the Sterling Silver Rose

Did any of you ever watch that old show on the CW called Roswell? As you can well imagine, it was a series about the aliens who landed in the crash in Roswell, New Mexico. The aliens turned out to be four teenagers living incognito amongst humans. Their names were Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess….

The Rose Show 2019

Friday night I was checking the West Jersey Rose Society Page to see if they had any upcoming events. I discovered that the Rose Show was this past Saturday. It’s a competition that anyone can enter. They have all of these categories under which you can submit a rose. It was pretty extensive. So I…

May 2019 Garden Tour Part 2

Plant List Lichfield Angel Balloon Flower Hydrangea Winchester Cathedral White Lavender Shasta Daisy Delaware Valley Azalea Scentimental Claire Austin Ranunculus Dahlia Day Lily Princess Alexandra of Kent Munstead Wood Snapdragon