The first plantings of 2020

Princess Alexandra of Kent (I later learned it was Jubilee Celebration) Krinkle Kut White Peony Caroline Constable ITOH peony Royal Star Magnolia

May 2019 Garden Tour Part 2

Plant List Lichfield Angel Balloon Flower Hydrangea Winchester Cathedral White Lavender Shasta Daisy Delaware Valley Azalea Scentimental Claire Austin Ranunculus Dahlia Day Lily Princess Alexandra of Kent Munstead Wood Snapdragon

Plant Dossier: Queen of Sweden

Type: Rose Root: grafted Class: English shrub Habit: well behaved Size: moderate (4 x 4). The tag says it will get 5 feet high, but it appears to be staying on the smaller side. Fragrance: mild rose. I had to put my nose right up to it to smell anything. Fertilizer: heavy feeder. You’ll need…

First rose bloom

The first rose to bloom this year was the Crocus Rose by David Austin. I was surprised to see that this rose had such a pink tint to it. Last year, I recalled the blooms being cream.